Nerd stuff you nerdy nerd!

Gamepuncher explores nerd stuff like video games, superhero movies, whether Han shot first (shut up- he did), and more. 

Created by Chris Brogan, who has better things to do, this is a hobby site for games and whatever other pop culture stuff doesn't fit the rest of the picture. 

If you ever want to get in touch, just email me.

Important: Just about anything you click here brings you to a product offering for something I dig or think you'll dig and that appeals to your interests. If you buy something, I get about two candy bars worth or money. I will never post a link to something I don't recommend. 

This site was created in Wix, which was super easy. Took me like 30 minutes. I paid for premium so I could get my own domain/url. Pretty easy site design, though. Makes me rethink WordPress a bit.


Chris Brogan

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