• Chris Brogan

Do You Need an Elite Gaming Controller?

I've been a gamer since the 80s. I use Xbox One as my primary console. Over the past weekend, my kids and I went to the big eSports Arena in Las Vegas and it was really really cool. We also used PCs for the first time in ages to game.

It got me thinking about my Xbox and my controller. For years, my thought has been: "just use the standard controller so I don't get dependent on bells and whistles." But then, when you see something like Evil Controllers, it certainly makes you think about it. Trying out pro controllers makes you realize that you could game at different levels while staying on console.

I'm not ready to move to PC. I like that consoles are around $500 USD and that we can keep our gaming and business worlds separate. But I might be ready to dig into elite gaming controllers a bit more.

I play games like Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, a little Fortnite, and plenty of shooters. Could the ability to use tricky controllers upgrade my gameplay? I feel like yes.

But what's your take?

Do you use elite type controllers?

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