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Teach Your Kids About Toxic Gaming

My 17 year old just got deeply interested in Rainbow Six Siege, a game I've played fervently since launch. It's a first person shooter and quite realistic with its violence. It also has a relatively toxic culture (at least on consoles).

People often vote to kick you for no obvious reason (and some good reasons). There are plenty of team killing experiences (which I report to Xbox as "unsporting" and have never ever once heard back about). And people generally get quite salty and upset.

In this example video below, two of the five people on my team voted to kick me a few rounds ago. Then two people quit our squad (same ones? I have no idea). And then everyone died in a round and I was the only one left against the three enemies.

Here's how I did (watch the video below):

I got the job done. I clutched, as they say.

But the culture is so toxic.

So here comes my kid, my son that I love very much. He's 17 and he knows about good and bad people and bullying and online stuff and so on. But I also knew that I had to warn him about the culture around this game.

I had a sit down talk with him about toxicity, about team killing, about voting to kick, and how a lot of times it can really get to you and make you feel like maybe you're a bad person, like you stink, and so on. I know because I've felt it. And I wanted to make sure he was okay, that he knew not to let it get to him and so on.

Should we have to do this with video games? Who knows? But as a dad, I want my kid to have support in toxic environments, should he still choose to play there.

Don't get me wrong. I love Siege. I think the game is swell. It's just that we have to deal with some less-than-cheery types there. And who knows? Maybe XBox and Playstation and Ubi listen to the reports.

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